The rice of Verona

    The prestigious Riso Riccò is the result of the multi-generational experience of the Riccò family in the field of agriculture. It is cultivated in the center of the plain of Verona, an area with a long tradition in the cultivation of rice Vialone Nano, the first variety in Europe to be awarded the I.G.P.

    The family company Riccò

    In 1986, Mr. Renzo Riccò decide to switch from traditional crops to rice cultivation, to be implemented on land owned by him. Two years later, given the satisfactory results of the operation, he bought "Corte Sacco" in Trevenzuolo, an ancient manor court of the fifteenth century, with its ancient laboratory for the processing of the product. The new estate is generously watered by the waters of unspoiled sources which favor and increase the production of the Vialone Nano and Carnaroli rice, as well as guarantee their organoleptic characteristics. At the same time, he opens a direct sale to the public in Isola della Scala.

    The next objective

    Over the years, particularly after enrolling in the "Consorzio di Tutela I.G.P. Riso Nano Vialone Veronese", the company constantly improves the cultivation techniques and as far as possible reduces the use of pesticides and herbicides according to the disciplines of the "Consortio I.G.P.". The next objective will be the cultivation and processing of organic rice, a rather complex operation that does not simply involve cultivation without the use of chemical herbicides, but intervenes in many other areas ranging from soil to packaging.

    The company Riccò in the world

    The far-sighted management of the company brings Riso Riccò to soon cross the province of Verona spreading like an oil slick across Italy through catering, large distribution and the internet. In recent years, exports to Great Britain, Russia, Australia and Japan have also started. The various activities are still managed by a typical family-run enterprise that sees in Mr. Renzo the owner of the company, in his sons Roberto and Dino respectively the sale manager and the production manager, in his wife Maria Teresa and in his daughter in law Isabella the direct sale to the public.